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Drive Fans

Fans of the TV show Drive

Fans of TV's Drive
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This is a community devoted to the discussion of Drive, a new Fox drama starring Nathan Fillion, created by Tim Minear and Ben Queen.

Drive is a drama about various people competing in an illegal cross-country road race. Described as a cross between North by Northwest, Cannonball Run, Magnolia and The Game, this series is currently in production and has been ordered for thirteen episodes, which will launch with a two-night, three-hour premiere on Sunday April 15 and Monday April 16.

::Please read before posting::

The full community rules can be found here. In a nutshell, anything that relates to either the series Drive is fine. Any discussion topics are welcome, as well as photos and other media, fanfiction, icons and any similar fannish contributions. The one thing we do not allow is episode downloading in any form: this includes download links, torrent links and discussion of downloading.

The other important rule which may not be obvious is that all spoilers must be put behind a clearly labeled LJ cut. This community considers spoilers to be any details for season one episodes. Please allow members who can't watch the show as it airs to enjoy a spoiler free community.

Failure to keep spoilers under an lj-cut will result in a message from a moderator and immediate deletion of post. Repeat offenses may result in being banned from the community. We don't want to have to ban anyone, so please follow the rules.

Please add tags to your entry when posting. Using tags is a required action because it makes searching old posts a lot easier. If you are unsure how to use tags, read LJ's FAQ how to.

Beyond that, all you really need is common sense and courtesy. If any problems arise, or if you have a question about the maintenance of the community then feel free to contact me, electrcspacegrl through the email address in my profile.

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